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PostGres IBiZa

A unique, new PostgreSQL Conference

International conference

English-only talks! We expect attendees from all around the world.

Community Event

Organized by the non-for-profit PostgreSQL España.

Networking, networking

Unique, relaxed, cozy environment for networking. Take the hallway track to the beach!


Central, big location for products and services information, demos. Show off!


Bring Your Own Family. Come earlier, stay for longer. Best time of the year in one of the best Summer locations in the world.


The island where everything is possible.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is 24000 words per second.


Santa Eulalia Des Ríu, Spain

June 20 - 21, 2019

June 22 - 23, 2019: social track

Early-bird tickets

On sale soon!

Mediterranean food

Mediterranean diet, the healthiest in the world

Event schedule

Meet us on a unique location to meet friends, colleagues, partners. Network and make business in a breathtaking Ibiza venue, overlooking the sea…

Location: To be announced.

A day full of exciting talks, networking, demos, ...

Location: To be announced.

Diving deeper in the PostgreSQL present and future

Location: To be announced.

Bring your families, join planned trips to the most amazing, unique small beaches on Ibiza, or go on a planned hiking trip, do snorkel, kayak, taste amazing food and the best Spanish paella, watch the most beautiful sunset enjoying a cocktail...

Location: Somewhere in Ibiza

Last activities, farewells, tears...

Location: Some other place in Ibiza...

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Location: Hall 1 , Building A, Golden Street, Southafrica

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Location: Hall 1 , Building A, Golden Street, Southafrica

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Location: Hall 1 , Building A, Golden Street, Southafrica

Call for Papers

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Mehboob Alam

Postgres evangelist, open-source kool-aid connoisseur, recovering enterprise architect.

Jonathan Katz

Director of Customer Success & Communications at @crunchydata

Nikolay Samokhvalov

Founder of, #RuPostgres

Bruce Momjian

Senior Database Architect, EnterpriseDB, Co-Founder PostgreSQL Global Development Group

Álvaro Hernández

Founder and CEO @OnGres. PostgreSQL expert and advocate

Markus Winand

SQL Renaissance Ambassador. Creator of and

Committee Member (TBD)

Committee Member (TBD)

Committee Member (TBD)

Committee Member (TBD)

Any Questions?

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Is Ibiza well connected?
During Summer time, Ibiza becomes the 4th largest airport of Spain. With probably more connections within Europe than Madrid. Just 50m flight from Madrid, 30m from Barcelona or direct flight from any major European city.
Very likely, not. Conference may sell out soon. Ibiza gets crowded. And gets expensive (Spanish-level expensive, but still expensive). Book early. June is not peak season, but don’t do it late.
Not a must, but we recommend it. Ibiza is a small island (20 by 40km, approx) and its beauty is to travel around, visiting many small beaches called calas. Each one is unique, beautiful on its own. There’s public transport to everywhere, and taxi -no Uber yet-, but renting or pooling rental cars is probably a good idea. Book early!
We definitely believe so. Ibiza is a place for inspiration. We believe PostgreSQL needs innovation, re-thinking, and Ibiza is a relaxed place, with a unique atmosphere. The best place to do more networking, to discuss new business opportunities, to better interact with your current or prospect customers. No rush, no fuss, just interact.
Ibiza is considered, in Summer, the electronic music capital of the world. And many people go there just for party and music. That doesn’t mean -by far- is the only thing you can do in the island. Beaches are second to none, like food and bars and lounges. It is also a very family friendly place. You’ve got it all!
What do you mean by "Bring Your Own Family"?
Little known fact is that Ibiza is a very family friendly place. This event might be the perfect chance to bring your family and spend some holidays after/before the conference.
The conference is following the Guidelines and will work with the Core Team to achieve the Community Conference Recognition. It is organized by PostgreSQL España, a non-profit Foundation, whose mission is to promote PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL España will invest any profit of the conference into translating to Spanish the official PostgreSQL documentation. Help us achieve this goal by attending and/or sponsoring the conference!
We are still working on the committee, and we will publish the members list and the call for papers dates and procedure as soon as the knot is tied.


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OnGres means “On top of PostGreSQL”, in case you didn't notice. Our will is clear: doing R&D in order to build very innovative projects in PostgreSQL ecosystem.

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the Enterprise Postgres company, delivers an open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability.

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Event Guideline

Expect an easy going tech & business event in a tolerant, respectful and family-friendly environment. This event adheres to the official PostgreSQL Community CoC. If you are the recipient of inappropriate behavior, or witness such behavior, please report it promptly to the Code of Conduct Committee at In the unfortunate event that you wish to make a complaint against some member of the Committee, you may instead contact any of the other Committee member(s) individually.

Check List

  • Bring Summer clothes! Expected temperature range is 21ºC - 29ºC
  • Book lodging early
  • Book your flight early
  • If you are into driving, book your rental early

The venue

This event will be hosted at Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza, a venue inspired by the architecture of the Ibicencan village churches. This building evokes the culture, diversity, tolerance and freedom of the Pitiuso village. Navigators, pirates, merchants, peasants, hippies and tourists, all those that have visited or settled in these pine covered islands in the course of history have moulded the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of its community.

The island banks on an innovating and functional infrastructure perfectly integrated in a natural environment of pines, next to a cove typical of Ibiza's coast and a mirador from which one has a panoramic view of the town and the coastline of Santa Eulária des Riu.

News! PostgreSQL Ibiza recognized as an official PostgreSQL Community Event!