We welcome submissions on any PostgreSQL-related topic, including PostgreSQL extensions, derivatives and other technologies, open source or commercial. Product pitches will not be approved, we expect technical content. Topics of interest are, but not limited to:

  • - PostgreSQL features, new versions
  • - PostgreSQL internals
  • - Tuning / optimizing PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL management
  • - SQL
  • - Migrations and comparisons with other databases
  • - Use cases
  • - Applications with PostgreSQL
  • - Academic / formal topics on databases
  • - User's view on PostgreSQL future direction
  • - Other topics focused on software development, agile, inclusion and diversity and personal well being, among others

You can submit proposals for Talks. The submission period has begun Thursday, March 28. 2019 and closes Tuesday, May 21. 2019. That means you have 0 days left! Remember PostgreSQL Ibiza will only be as good as the content you present. Submit early, submit often!

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