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Despite spatial data is really popular and it is one of the most actively developed data formats there is no good tool for working with it. When we were looking for the easy way to manage spatial data with various SRID we found out that most of tools are old, heavy or complicated for usage. The list of our needs was not huge. It included: - Show objects on map - Work with various projections (SRIDs) - Render 3D-objects - Export data in different notations - Export pictures as files - Get and show GIS data from queries - Migrate spatial data from MySQL/MariaDB into PostgreSQL and vice versa Because of that, we decided to create a new open-source extension for DBeaver that would cover all these topics. We analyzed various existing libraries and built our plugin. Now, we are ready to share our results, development experience, most interesting challenges and solving ways. If you also need to operate with GIS data regularly, keep it in different databases, import spatial data to PostgreSQL and you prefer to work in GUI, you are more than welcome to listen and discuss this talk.

2019 June 20 - 16:20
50 min
PostgreSQL Ibiza
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